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JAkarta - the Producer of the Vertu cellular phone again released the cellular phone terbaru him by producing Vertu Constellation Rococo Collection. This luxurious cellular phone was present in four amazing new colours. The four collections consist of: Rococo Noir (black), Rococo Scarlet (dark red), Rococo Ivory (tusks) and Rococo Sapphire that was decorated with the Cabochon sapphire stone the blue colour natural and the polished radiance of the hands was carved with the pattern floral.
From information was written that was received detikINET, on Sunday (20/7/2008), Rococo Inspiration by the design of the complex and the technique the hands in the Rococo time in the 18th age, that was famous with elegance and his decorative art. Rear skin with the metallic colour thread to create the design floral. Seen from luxury that was offered, the price of this cellular phone was expensive enough. For Rococo Noir, Scarlet and Ivory was thrown with the USD price 9,500 (around Rp 86 million), whereas for Rococo Sapphire was sold with the price was more expensive namely USD 13,000 (around 118 million).


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